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Spring Gala: An Elegant Affair

To all of the lovely ladies of Las Floristas and our cherished friends and supporters, we are so sorry to inform you that the decision has been made to CANCEL the Spring Gala originally planned for April 25, 2020.

This decision was not made lightly, but the Board of Directors of Las Floristas took into account all of the concerns regarding large scale gatherings and the spread of COVID-19. Especially as an organization affiliatedwith a hospital, we felt it was only right to be extra cautious and cancel the event to limit the risk of possible exposure to all of our friends and loved ones. Las Floristas remains committed to funding pediatric rehabilitation programs at Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center. We hope that in lieu of attending our event, that you will still consider making a donation to Las Floristas so that we can continue to fund all of the excellent programs taking place at Rancho. While we will miss the chance to see you and celebrate together the successes taking place at Rancho, we want you to know that your support is still appreciated and valuable.

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We look forward to continuing our support at Rancho Los Amgios, and to celebrating the tradition of the Las Floristas Spring Gala together in 2021.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out directly:

Amanda Settlage, Executive Director of Las Floristas

Phone: (562) 298-2508

Email: Amanda@LasFloristas.org

Mailing Address: PO Box 579, Whittier, CA 90608

The Headdress Ball Throughout the Years

Evolution of the Headdress

The first headdress was worn at the 1938 ball held at the Victor Hugo restaurant in Beverly Hills. These headdresses were no larger than over-sized hats, but completely covered with flowers.

1938 – First Flora Headdress Ball, called Bal de Tete and named after a ball held in New York. Cost of a ticket per person was $3.00
1939 – Second ball, themed Ferdinand the Bull. After all, Ferdinand was one of us…he loved flowers too!
1943 – Las Floristas patriotically diminished its floral productions in keeping with the times – World War II. But in it’s stead, they staged a wrestling tournament. World champion Jim Londos was matched against Hard-Boiled Haggery at the Olympic Auditorium with a net proceeds to Las Floristas of $1100.00!
1946 – This was the year of the first light-headed dress which electrified the audience, but nearly electrocuted mannequin Helen Tuttle.
1950 – A return to the Biltmore Hotel and “Showtime.” Due to the low entry door, mannequins were conveyed via wheelchair to their starting point. Vera Neil Olney appeared as Cinderella, complete in burlap..minus a headdress, singing “A dream is a Wish your Heart Makes”. As she reached a far corner, she vanished in a puff of smoke and reappeared in Cinderella’s ball gown with a pumpkin coach on her head. The prize-Most original, but a new rule was made-no singing!
1954 – The coconut Grove was turned into Neptune’s Kingdom and Gertrude Forthman brought the house down as “Queen of the Sea”…with a surprise entourage of 3 tiny sea sprites, hidden somewhere in the ambassador until their appointed appearance.
1955 – Although the ball had been televised a number of times , this was the year that the ball had the distinction of being the first remote color TV presentation in the world.
1958 – The first ball at the Beverly Hilton “Floral Fantasies”.
1960 – An orthopedic surgeon was enlisted to supervise the design of a substantial back brace and rules as to height, width and weight of the headdresses.
1963 – Las Floristas celebrated its silver anniversary .
1970 – The Century Plaza was the location of our carnival themed ball.
1980 – Bob Hope was our honored guest. That year the Bob Hope Audiology Suite at Rancho Medical Center was given in his honor by Las Floristas.
1988 – Las Floristas Golden anniversary and the dedication of the CART facility.
1990’s – Donation of court facilities for the Las Floristas Wheelchair Sports Program and computer equipment for Rancho’s Pathokinesiology Laboratory.
2000’s – Las Floristas passes the 10 million dollar goal for donations to Rancho Los Amigos.

2018 – Las Floristas celebrates its 80th year anniversay with Bal-de-Tête.

To date we have raised over $15 million dollars for the children and families at Rancho Los Amigos.