Project Description

Pediatric Dentistry

We recently added Pediatric Dentistry to our list of Core Programs. Dr. Konita Wilks, DDS, Medical Director, Chief of Dental Services, and her staff, treat over 100 children a month. The dental clinic at Rancho specializes in providing quality care to individuals with disabilities, both physical and intellectual, and to those with debilitating chronic medical conditions.

Las Floristas provided the offices with adaptive toothbrushes and patient bags which include child friendly toys to support the rehabilitation process. Special sensory blankets were purchased that help to provide autistic children some comfort and security while in the dental chair. For many children, in particular those with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Cerebral Palsy, this may be the only place where they can be treated as treatment takes a special standardized protocol.

We have committed to creating a welcoming space for our pediatric populations and their families, in the new dentistry offices, which are part of the Rancho Rising 2020 renovation.

For more information on the Pediatric Dentistry Program at Rancho please call 562-385-7251.