Pediatric Dentistry

The dental clinic at Rancho specializes in providing quality care to individuals with disabilities, both physical and intellectual, and to those with debilitating chronic medical conditions. The dental team at Rancho treats over 100 children a month.

Las Floristas provided the offices with adaptive toothbrushes and patient bags which include child-friendly toys to support the rehabilitation process. Special sensory blankets have been purchased that help to provide autistic children some comfort and security while in the dental chair. For many children, in particular those with Autism Spectrum Disorder or Cerebral Palsy, this may be the only place where they can be treated as the treatment takes a special standardized protocol.

In 2020, Rancho opened a Sensory Dental Clinic within the brand-new dental clinic space that had been renovated as part of the Rancho Rising Renovation project. This carefully designed room was created to offer specialized treatment to children on the Autism spectrum or those who suffer from other sensory processing disorders. It can be overwhelming for these special children to go to the dentist and have so many unfamiliar sounds, sights, and sensations around them. The Sensory Dental Clinic offers a variety of seating options including a bean bag chair, a soft rocking chair, and a traditional dental chair. There are also a variety of sensory and auditory components that the patient can focus on, including weight-sensitive floor tiles, a bubble tube, light projections onto the ceiling during treatment, and relaxing music and lighting.

In order to help new patients gain familiarity with the Sensory Dental Clinic prior to treatment, Las Floristas funded a tour of the Dental Clinic which can be shared with incoming patients in preparation for their dental visit. This video is designed to be watched on a home device, including a phone, tablet, or computer, and can be viewed as many times as a patient wants in order to gain comfort and familiarity with the space.

Dental Clinic Path of Travel to Main Desk

Dental Clinic Virtual Tour

Dental Clinic Path of Travel to Sensory Room

This video project was generously funded by Las Floristas through a donation from a private foundation. We were please to hire J. Concept Productions to complete this project.

For more information on the Pediatric Dentistry Program at Rancho please call 562-385-7251.