Programs & Projects

Adolescent Support Group

This year our Adolescent support group continues to grow and thrive. We continue with this important transition program that supports our adolescent patients as they move from an inpatient stay in to the outpatient setting. We have found that this Support group helps alleviate the stress of our adolescent inpatients transitioning to outpatient status.

The program includes a multi-therapy team approach with includes Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and led by Recreation Therapy. The peer support group meets two evenings a month and allows discharged patients to rejoin the therapy staff to share their challenges in the community. It also allows the inpatients to meet peers who are successfully living life outside the protective walls of the hospital.

Team building exercises, self-esteem building, anger management, healthy leisure lifestyle, conflict resolution are all topics that are discussed and addressed in a supportive environment. The process is educational, informative and supportive to all who participate. Peer interaction, mentoring are key to allowing participants to realize they are not alone, they are not the first, and they are not the last to find themselves in a difficult situation.

Las Floristas allows our patients the tools to build a bridge from inpatient to outpatient creating less fear of the unknown. Also, creating a peer support group that allows freedom from society norms and creates a nurturing environment to allow for growth and change within themselves. Without your continued support these adolescents would not have the tools or the ability to dream and create their own mentoring community.

Wheelchair Sports Program

wheelchair sports photo 2The Rancho Wheelchair Sports program provides movement, exercise and athletic competition for athletes with physical disabilities of all ages and stages of the rehabilitation process with a variety sports programs, many with competitive opportunities. Basketball has become a focal point for competition in recent years, as it is the world's most organized sport for wheelchair athletes. Rancho also offers the following sports activities: arena football, tennis, hockey and hand cycling.

Rules for wheelchair sports closely parallel able-bodied rules. The skill and level of play within wheelchair sports are as competitive as that experienced within the able-bodied population. Athletes use specially adapted wheelchairs to compete. These chairs are lighter and are designed to turn with the slightest movement of the head, shoulder, arm or torso. They are agile enough to turn on a dime, but can also be a challenge to control.

Recreation Therapy Program

Recreation Therapy Program photoThanks to the generosity of Las Floristas, the Recreation Therapy program continues to enhance children's lives during their inpatient stay. Children come to Rancho with severe injuries that have changed their lives and initially taken away their dreams. It is the work of the entire team to help them rebuild their lives.

One of the largest parts of the Recreation Therapy Program is to re-introduce the community to the child and the adolescent. The Recreation Therapist organizes the outings to the malls, restaurants, movies, bowling and fun zones like Chuck E. Cheese. Utilizing the Las Floristas Handi-van so generously donated by Las Floristas our world is wide open to explore the community with our very special children and adolescents.

There are many other activities that are sponsored by the Las Floristas Ladies and utilized by the Recreation Therapy program. One of the donations that is utilized regularly and with lots of excitement is the Nintendo Wii. It is an incredible tool to alleviate stress, increase range of motion, strength and standing balance. It also creates healthy camaraderie among peers and increases their abilities to socialize. As well as rebuilds the patient's self esteem and adjustment to disability during their hospital stay.

The Recreation therapy program is also able to offer Arts/Crafts for groups and individual activities, Saturday lunch programs and BBQ's, weekly movie nights with popcorn, pizza or nachos relieve the stress and daily strain of the hospital life. Special celebrations are also celebrated: birthdays, 4th of July, Valentine's day, Easter, St. Patrick's day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Summer luau/BBQ's, and Christmas are celebrated with the in-patients and their families to create a family type atmosphere in the hospital setting to increase patients and family relationships and create a healthy environment for family training for ultimate discharge home.

Scholarship Program

Las_Floristas_scholarship Las Floristas donates funds to Rancho Los Amigos patients for college. Funds are used for books, class registration, health fees, parking passes, school supplies and software for disabled students. Currently, the program assists 32 patients with spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury and muscle disease. Fifteen patients are attending four-year universities, and seventeen currently attend two-year colleges.

Las Floristas, through the generosity of the Norris Foundation, hosts an annual Scholarship Dinner at Rancho to honor and reward good scholarship among Rancho's patients, past and present.

Marilyn Hilton Resource Center

Las Floristas is very excited to announce its newest projects at Rancho Los Amigos ~ the Marilyn Hilton Resource Center and the Gregory Dillon Garden.

The Resource Center is an integral part of the Day Rehabilitation Center.  It is a multi-purpose space, staffed by "patient counselors," which will help patients and their families access resources outside of Rancho to support them as outpatients, living at home. There will be computer terminals and audio-visual presentations.  The room can also be used for patient counseling and education for both groups and individuals.
The center opens into a spacious garden, which will be a tranquil place for patients, families and staff to enjoy outdoor relaxation, barbecues and patient meetings.

The establishment of these long-desired and important projects at Rancho resulted from the generosity of the late Marilyn Hilton's estate and many generous donations made in memory of Marilyn Hilton and Gregory Dillon.